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“This is definitely one of the best services I’ve ever subscribed to.”

Chris SilvermanMember since July 2019

“I would be devastated to lose my Fresh Fonts membership!”

Simon SekMember since July 2019

“Every time the newsletter lands, I get a smile on my face :) Keep up the great work!”

Nicolai Boye BrodersenMember since October 2021

“I’ve told everyone about Fresh Fonts. Such a great subscription!”

Nevan ScottMember since November 2022

“Google better recognise the greatness of this newsletter! :)”

Ronan LunneyMember since October 2021

“I enjoy reading your newsletter so much. At $19 I still think it’s just not enough for the quality content and font gifts.”

Bennet Robin FabianMember since March 2021

“This last typeface of the month saved my project and I love Fresh Fonts!”

Derek CorrêaMember since December 2022

“Fantastic value for money!”

Liam RutherfordMember since October 2020

“I just got my first job as a designer, and literally the first thing I did was to sign up for the membership. Never disappoints!”

Armando TranquilleMember since October 2021

“Fresh Fonts has been a delight for as long as I’ve been a member. Please never change.”

Mustafa ThomasMember since October 2022

“Hell Yeah! I was thinking of buying this font recently too. I love, love, love the Fresh Fonts Membership ❤️”

Paul LapkinMember since October 2022

“Thanks so much for running this — it’s genuinely one of the coolest memberships out there.”

Will BrennanMember since October 2021

About the typeface that you’ll get every month